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Sleepless Nights

Having a baby changes everything, including your sleep pattern. In the beginning, you can expect plenty of sleepless nights for both you and your baby, but know that this is only natural. Your baby will wake up throughout the night in the early days for feedings, to be changed, because they are too cold, too hot, sick, cranky or maybe even for no reason at all.

It’s important not to get discouraged during this time period if you cannot get because of your baby’s sleepless nights. In fact, you should consider getting your baby to sleep for a few hours each night before they wake up as a victory! It might take a few months, but eventually your sleepless nights will be a thing of the past.

That being said, there are certain things you can do, regardless of your baby’s age, to help him or her get to sleep each night. Giving your baby a bath is a great way to relax them before you feed them or rock them to sleep. You can purchase a baby bath at a baby store or online.

Be sure to purchase a bath specific for your child’s age. This information will be listed on the box. Of course, you can give your child a bath without a special bathtub or just take a bath with your child, but you will want to have a baby bath around as well.

To establish that bath time isn’t playtime, you can do a few things to change the environment around your baby. Bring a portable CD player into your bathroom and have lullaby’s playing or soft background music on throughout the bath. You might want to dim the lights to signal to your baby that it’s almost bedtime.

To create soothing aromatherapy, adding essential oils likes chamomile or lavender to the bathwater can help your baby to relax. Before doing this, you should always consult your physician, because essential oils could potentially irritate your baby’s skin, especially if he or she is very young.

Fill the bathtub up with just a few inches of water. You do not want to submerge your baby in the water and you will always want to keep a hold of him or her to make sure they do not slip or move deeper into the water. Take a sponge and lightly begin to wash your baby. Softly wash their hair and body and don’t forget to get in those little creases!

When you are done bathing your child, wrap them immediately in a towel. If you have someone there with you, have them put a towel in your dryer on low for a few minutes to get it slightly warmed while you are still bathing your child. Then, wrap him or her in it when you are finished to help the cold keep from upsetting your child. The added warmth will make your baby feel cozy and ready for bed.

If you find that your baby does not enjoy taking a bath, you might not want to give him or her one right before bed. Instead, bathe your child in the morning to avoid upsetting them right before you put them down to sleep. Hopefully these tips will help to resolve your sleepless nights.

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