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Children and Exercise

Children who exercise regularly are less likely to develop diabetes or become overweight and are better able to focus on their school work. Over the past thirty years, the number of obese children has tripled.

Technology has played a large role in this increasing trend of unfit children as video games and television are two of the main causes of lack of exercise in children. This poor level of physical activity can develop into a routine that will last the child’s entire life.

Parental Suggestions

There are various things that can be done by parents to ensure that their children get the proper amount of exercise. The first step to having a child who possesses good exercise habits is to set a good example. Prepare meals that are nutritionally balanced and plan activities that the family can participate in together.

Go on nature hikes or on bike rides as a family outing. This will give parents and children time to talk and bond while they are benefiting their bodies at the same time. Exercise does not have to be work oriented. Play simple games such as hide-and-seek or hopscotch. Let children know that exercise is not work, but is rather an activity that can be viewed as play.

Couch Potato Children

Today’s youth grow up with a steady bombardment of video games, television, and computers. Parents should develop rules about the usage of these technologies so that their children do not develop health problems because of sitting around playing on computers or watching endless hours of television.

Children and Sports

There are various leagues for all types of sports. The YMCA and schools frequently field sports teams. Parents can relish the opportunity to teach their child life lessons through sports as well as encouraging their child’s level of physical health. There are also martial arts classes available in most areas.

Ten minutes of judo can burn approximately 69 calories for a kid who weighs 77 pounds. This makes judo one of the best calorie burning activities available. Ten minutes of playing basketball can cause a 77 pound child to burn 60 calories, as does running.

Compare these activities to the mere nine calories that are burned by a child at rest and it is easy to see why America’s youth are getting heavier by the generation and need to exercise in order to reverse the alarming trend.

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