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Best baby dummy, dummies and baby pacifier

What is the best baby dummy and where do you get the best dummies and pacifier?

A baby dummy, also known as a pacifier, is one of the most charming and authentic tools for parental survival in their child-rearing years because it can provide something that remains to be quite a commodity: peace and quiet. A dummy is effectively a rubber or plastic nipple that is given to an infant to suck on. Some recommend that, should a baby not suck on the pacifier or dummy, it should be dipped in honey or something sweet.

This, however, is not a good idea because it is effectively the same as placing a large candy in an infant’s mouth and does not create good health issues at all. On the contrary, this idea has shown to surface some development issues with the infant’s teeth and is not recommended.

Regardless of this, even some of the best dummies have shown to cause problems of interference with breastfeeding especially if the dummy is introduced within the first six weeks of the infant’s life. Children who utilize pacifiers may also be more susceptible to ear infections and may experience delayed speech development due to the consistent presence of the pacifier in the mouth which inevitably prevents them from practicing their speech skills.

Some also hold to the notion that a dummy may, in fact, produce crooked or distorted growth in a baby’s teeth. This notion is, however, not medically supported by any reasonable research. It is hard to separate the myths from the facts in terms of an infant’s health. The best idea is to always consult your family physician for advice.

Amazingly enough, the baby dummy found its way into pop culture as a fashion piece in the 90’s. They were featured in US fashion throughout the mid-1990’s as a fashion accessory for teens, but quickly faded when everyone realized how lame it actually was to sport a baby dummy with their wardrobe.

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