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Baby Bath And Bedtime

A baby bath time and bedtime can go hand in hand. The key is to make the baby bath time soothing and calming rather than invigorating and energizing. Your baby can learn to love taking a bath once they are older, but it’s best to start this ritual when they are very young to help them get into the swing of things. Newborn babies should only be bathed every other day, but older babies can have a nightly bath.

A baby bath is something both of you should look forward to. It’s a bonding experience and gives you the chance to express your love. For your baby, it’s a chance for them to feel soothed and peaceful while they are prepared for a night of blissful sleep.

When you give your baby a bath in the morning, the sun is shining through the windows, there is probably background noise and all the lights are on. To ensure your baby can separate the difference of a morning bath and a bedtime bath, there are some steps you should take.

During the baby bath, turn down the lights in the bathroom. Make sure there is enough light for you to see, but you will want the dim lights to signal to your baby that’s it’s almost time to go to sleep. Then, fill up the baby bathtub with lukewarm water that isn’t too hot or too cold. Make sure the bath is just warm enough to soothe your baby’s delicate skin and not hot enough to scald or burn it. Be sure to test the water before you place your baby in it.

You can also scent the baby bath with chamomile or lavender, but be sure to ask your baby’s physician first if this is okay. Some babies have extremely sensitive skin and essential oils can irritate them, while other babies can find them calming because of their aromatherapy benefits.

Put only a few inches of water into the baby bath and then place your child in it. Use a sponge or a soft wash cloth and begin to slowly and gently wash your baby. There are many great baby bath skin care lines that sell different body washes, shampoos and conditioners. Use only age appropriate products, so be sure to check the label on any product you want to use for the age limit.

For an added benefit, sing your baby a lullaby or put on soft music in the background. This will help to relax your baby even more and will help them to understand that it’s bedtime.

When you are done with the baby bath, try using a lotion from one of the baby product lines that has been infused with aromatherapy. You can give your baby a mini massage when you are done with the bath or you could just put a light layer of lotion on their skin to keep them moisturized.

Then, put your baby’s pajamas on and rock them for a few minutes until their eyes are closed and gently put them into their crib. Wait a few minutes to see if they begin to cry and if they do, try talking gently to them without taking them out of the crib. Once they are settled, leave the room and get some much needed sleep for yourself!

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